Reflexo magnetic insoles

According to plantar reflexology traditionally accepted, organs and parts of the human body are represented on the soles of the feet.Foot reflex zones

The stimulation of certain reflex zones may improve the flow of energy and harmonize the vital functions. By accepting this ancient belief, we developed a highly original concept, innovative and personalized.

The reflexo-magnetic insoles combine 3 effects in order to intensify their action.Reflexo magnetic insoles

We combined with the plantar reflexology, the increased proprioceptive effect of the magnetic field of the magnets.Diagram reflexo magnetic insole

Reflexo magnetic insoles 

Who are we ?

The company Thion Medical is a craftsman’s enterprise specialized in manufacturing orthopaedic orthoses.


French manufacturing

Our products are made of the same raw materials as those selected for manufacturing the foot orthoses of our patients.

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